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Update to Graduation Gift Poll (and a huge AW for DH)

He totally surprised me with an early birthday/graduation gift this morning... a Keurig!!!  I have been drooling over, whining about and begging for this dream machine for months and he decided to surprise me a month early.  He kind of rocks. Smile


I love LOVE my Keurig!!  I am sooooo in love with it that I did an entire blog post (and this AW post) about it.  Yay for a very thoughtful dh (or possibly one who just wants me to stop emailing him "hints" about the Keurig)... either way I'll take it. 

Does anyone else have a Keurig?  If so, what is your favorite K-cup?

Any other awesome Fi/DH stories this weekend?  Let's give those boys some credit.
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Re: Update to Graduation Gift Poll (and a huge AW for DH)

  • raes19raes19 member
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    Awesome! We have one at work and just got some coconut K-cups so we don't forget summer and some pumpkin spice for when we are feeling the fall spirit. There are tons of flavors, I don't really think you can go wrong.
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  • kks4471kks4471 member
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    Yayyyy!  That looks like the one I have :)  My old favorite K cup was Donut Shop, but my new favorite is Dunkin Donut's original blend.  There are so many different brands out there, it's fun to try them out.  Enjoy!
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  • MelissaC315MelissaC315 member
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    There's this caramel spice one that my parents bought me.... trying to remember the brand. It was amazinggg! I'm drooling thinking about it haha
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    Oh, that's the same one I have! It is a wonderful contraption! I use it for everything...seriously, it's not just for coffee. :) I hope you enjoy it!  If the K-cups get too expensive, and you have a BBB, use their 20% coupons!!
  • mek20mek20 member
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    I loveeeee my keurig. I don't drink coffee though! I use it for Hot Chocolate, which for some reason is so much more yummy from the K, and for tea! 
    FI uses it for coffee but I have no idea which one he likes--i just like the smells that come from it!

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    Yayyy this is the one I voted for! Congrats! Commence jealousy.

    P.S. Your kitchen looks awesome
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