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Hair/Dress... :) :)

My mom was getting her hair cut today, so I figured I'd join and do my hair trial.  As we were leaving I got a call that MY DRESS CAME IN EARLY!!! I nearly peed myself!! I made an appointment for Wed, but then I called back. I was like, I have my hair done, I have my hair piece, what better timing! So they said come right on over. I love it!! Wasn't smart enough to take pics all together, but I do have some hair ones :)

Ok, so we were going for a side bun (so it will hold better through dancing and everything) but she got to this point and I was like WAIT! I liked how it was looking.. so even though this is messy since it's not what we were trying to do, I am going to do something like this for the ceremony ...

Then when it's time to dance our butts off, we're going to go to something like this ...

I LOVE the back. Just don't mind my face haha

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Re: Hair/Dress... :) :)

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