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Justin's Grill Wedding

Hi everyone!  We're about to put down the deposit on Justin's Grill for 8/13/11.  We also want to have the ceremony there, problem is, it won't be until 7pm.  Anyone think that is too late?  At first I thought so, but the more I get to thinking about it, it might be kinda cool.. thoughts??
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Re: Justin's Grill Wedding

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    I think it would probably be okay if it's a shorter ceremony.  When do you plan on doing pictures though?  That is something you will want to consider.
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    Definetely a very short ceremony.  20 mins tops.  Very informal as well.  I figured we'd do the "all so essential" individual family pics before the ceremony, then after the ceremony we can take the "together" pics.  We're planning on staying right around Justin's for the pictures, so hopefully we'll get to the reception around 8ish.  I'm not too crazy about the posed pics anyways, so as long as the Moms are satisfied, we'll be good to go.
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    What time is your ceremony? If there is going to be a long gap between the ceremony and reception I would think about moving the time up. Just my opinion.

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    I have been to two weddings there and I thought it was very well planned and organized, the food was awesome! and it was a nice intimate venue- the outside patio is nice as well for people to gather.  What made it for me was the windows!- I love the light everywhere!- Good luck

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