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Hi guys!

I'm home sick today, but I feel pretty good now.  I took a new antibiotic this morning on an empty stomach  (oops!) and felt terrible so I called in to work, but after an hour or two I felt totally fine.  I've spent most of the morning cleaning our new apartment (musty smell is on its way out); seriously, cleaning like I've never cleaned before.

Just wanted to share.  Hope you ladies are having a good day!  Glad this board is so active now!!  I can barely keep up.  :-)

Re: Hi guys!

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    Glad you're feeling better!!!  Hopefully you don't get Bridgett's curse... every time she calls in fake-sick... she gets sick for real.  Although technically you were legit sick when you called... so you should be safe.  lol
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    Ha, yeah!  I actually did want to go to work today because it's a slightly inconvenient day for me to be out.  Oh well!
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    Well at least your feeling better! Could be worse, you coulda been sick all day with no ability to clean and get rid of the smell! (did the smell come from Monicas shoes? Monica, I told you to stop lending those nasty things out! Ha)

    But yeah my curse is a b!tch. Its prolly Gods way of telling me I fake sick too often. Oops

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