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? about Peggy's Bridal

Good Morning Ladies!  Congratulations to you all on your engagements and recent weddings! 

I've been a nestie for 3 years, I did ask the ladies over there this question, but I thought I would ask you ladies too....

Did anyone get their dress from Peggy's Bridal?  If so, who was your dress designer? 

My soon-to-be SIL loves a few dresses from there and the shop will not release the designer name, style #, nor were we able to take pictures (per their policy) until the dress is bought.  I would like to find at least one or both of the dresses online for her, since I do have some free time to do some research.


Re: ? about Peggy's Bridal

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    I don't know anything about it. Sorry.
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    That's ridiculous... it's like a bridal gown monopoly... Yikes!!!

    I would steer clear of a place like that.
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    Peggy's in Rochester?  I was just dress shopping last week but didn't make it there.  I went with a good friend of mine who lives out there.  She personally wasn't a fan and said it expensive there.  I know they carry Maggie Sottero because I was doing a store search on the Maggie website and Peggy's came up.  Other than that I don't know.  Have you checked to see if Peggy's has a website?  Some sites list the designers they carry. 

    Personally, I would take my business elsewhere per their policy.  That's absolutely ridiculous!  Every store that I have been to has been nothing but helpful.  We've taken pictures and written down the styles and designers I'm leaning toward.  Try Blushing Bride in Brockport.  They just sent me a thank you card with my favorite dresses and styles and offered me a discount.
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    Wow! This is CRAZY. I bought my dress at NY Bride but I live in Baltimore. I went to about 6 places total and NONE of them had a policy like this. Some did say I couldn't take pictures but if they are not giving the dress information I feel like they are ripping you off. My dress was 400 dollars more expensive in a shop in Baltimore than it was at NYBride so you NEED to get that information. I say keep looking and move on....
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    I live in Pittsford and Peggy's was the first place I visited.  I did not enjoy my experience the first or second time I went there.  I think it's OUTRAGEOUS they won't tell you the designers, especially when I was looking at some high(er) end gowns - at least high end relative to what they sell in the shop and they wouldn't even tell me whether the dress I was trying on was made in Europe/USA or by child laborers overseas....

    On my third visit to Peggy's I told them I ONLY wanted to see gowns by a specific designer that I knew they carried.  This was much more helpful because I was able to know who the designer was at least of all the gowns I tried on! 

    Needless to say, I was still repulsed by the whole experience and their entire lack of attention to customer service.  I ended up purchasing my dress at Susan Deborah Bridal on Monroe Ave. in Brighton.  The woman who owns the shop there (her name is Chella) can come off as cold at first, but she warmed up pretty quickly. She is VERY straightforward about what will or won't look good on you, which I didn't mind.  All of her gowns are also made in the US, which made me feel better that I wouldn't be participating in the abuse of people halfway around the world just to get the dress I wanted.

    She was also totally open about the designers of the gowns in her shop, which I of course appreciated after my experience at Peggy's.

    Two other great places to check out would be Juliana's and Jacqueline's on Monroe Ave in Brighton as well.  I found Juliana's selection to be wonderful, as well as their service.  I just happened to find my dress elsewhere.  Jacqueline's service was very good, but I found their dresses to be a bit dated (they didn't have the most up-to-date styles).

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    I know they carry casablanca as well. They are one of the only ones in the area that carry it, I think. I was going to go there but to get an appointment was impossible and the lady on the phone was rude.
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    I bought a bridesmaids dress through Peggys several years ago and they were horrible.  They ordered the dress at least two sizes two large for me and then would not even alter it.  I had to go find someone else to alter it just a few weeks before the wedding.  I got my dress at Heart to Heart Bridal in Manchester.  They are super nice there.  I believe they just opened a second location in Webster.  Would be worth a try.
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