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Catholic wedding planning help in Ithaca

Hey folks

We are planning an out-of-state Catholic wedding for next year.  The priest suggested we complete all paperwork and pre-marital counseling locally in Ithaca ahead of time.  We do not belong to any particular church in town and are looking for feedback from anyone who has completed this process recently.  Father Leo at Immaculate Conception or Father Dan at Cornell would be closest to us.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Catholic wedding planning help in Ithaca

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    My fiance and I live in Syracuse, but we are about 1/2 way through our "Pre-Cana" classes. 
    Some of it is a bit ridiculous and old-fashioned, but we did our best to just have fun with it.  I really do understand the prupose... it basically makes you sit down and actually TALK about the icky stuff... finances, bills, debt, kids, parents, sex, discipline, work... everything.  It seems kind of "duh" but many couples don't bother to have these discussions before tying the knot... then a few years later "uh oh."

    So... I am not sure if you were looking for something specific to Ithaca, but I think it is very similar if not the exact same in any Catholic church.
    Hope it helps at least a little.

    If you were closer to Syracuse, I would tell you to come to our church... our priest took us out for a beer to discuss our wedding (I know... beer with uor preist... hilarious).  He also said last Sunday, "If humility were round house kicks, Mother Theresa would be Chuck Norris."

    Hilarious!!!  Smile  Good luck, girl!
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    This is so strange that I read your post bc I don't even live in Ithaca BUT, I have a childhood story about father Leo! I grew up in Geneva, and Father Leo was our priest, I went to the small parochial school and he always came over to read to us and had this little monkey puppet we all loved. He was truly an amazing person! We were so sad when he was transferred, and I honestly was just talking to my mom about possibly asking him to come to Canandaigua to officiate my wedding next year if he was able/willing. He was always an open-minded, kind, and FUNNY man. I can't imagine he's changed. I highly recommend you contact him for your Pre-Cana!Smile
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