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TGIF Check!!

Im writing the check tonight to book my photographer! Im going with Inspired Images by Melissa. FI and I met her last night and absolutely loved her and all her pictures. Ive had her in mind for a while but didnt have the $$. But when FFIL offered to pay for the RD, FMILs $$ went to the photographer! Woo!

As for my post about having to settle with everything except my FI...I finally dont have to settle! I love this girl!

Aaaaand. I had to call the reception venue to see if I could extend my recpetion by an hr (to accommedate photo time) and they said no :( BUT b/c there is another couple getting married outside in the same location as me and hour later... which means theyre going to give her my name/# so we can discuss the possibility of splitting the price of chairs! Heck yes!

Haha its been a good Friday for me I hope it is for all of you too!!

Re: TGIF Check!!

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    The most satisfying check I've written (other than to purchase my dog I'd say) has been to our photographer! I was sooooo happy to get her locked down, so I totally feel ya! And today is one year till my wedding which is exciting but hard to keep quiet (we aren't making the official announcement to the rest of the extended family and friends until we have the ring on my finger in another 2 weeks)
    That will be great if you can share the chair cost! Hopefully the other bride won't have a problem about chair covers/sashes and color clashes.
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    Thats awesome, congrats! :) And it shouldnt be a problem. Ive found white wooden chairs that I would leave plain, so if she wanted something on hers she could do as she pleases, but unfortuantly the site has nothing to do with the ceremony so unless I want my guests to pick up their chairs and bring them back into the reception hall (A thought I find hilarious btw) I need to rent chairs.
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    Good luck with the chairs.  Honestly, if you need to, I would be happy to help with set up... as long as it doesn't fall on a day that interefers with my wedding stuff (I think yours is exactly one week before mine).  I know how hard it can be to accomplish just the simplest things with wedding related stuff. 
    Please let me know if I can be of any help... no chair set up fee included, just to help out a fellow Knottie.  Wink  I may even be able to grab a couple of friends. 

    As for my Friday... Kev and I just booked our honeymoon... Sandals Regency St Lucia... SO EXCITED!!!  I want to go TOMORROW!!!  =)  Little impatient... but a big "Whew" to get it out of the way.  And we are using this as our registry... so now we can send out cards and all that jazz... hopefully get the thing paid for.  Yay!

    I hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!
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