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Need a favor from Yankee Candle lovers....

So, as I posted already, FI and I are obsessed with Yankee Candle, and have decided to give out the "Sampler Votives" as favors for the wedding. They are originally $1.99 a piece, which is not a bad price for a favor, but I know that they go on sale for $1.00 a piece a few times a year. (They just had a sale end on 12/24, and I somehow missed it...grrrr) 

So I need a favor from everyone, if you see that the votives are on sale for $1.00, or if there is a coupon out, please please PLEASE post it on here. 

Thank you soooo much!!! Happy New Year!
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Re: Need a favor from Yankee Candle lovers....

  • I'll keep an eye out!

    Kohl's carries Yankee Candles and I got some votives on sale on Tuesday. They weren't $1, more like $1.20. But since Kohl's always has sales it's something to keep in mind if it's getting close and you haven't found a better deal.
  • Just a thought - not sure if Yankee Candle has an email sales circular, but you might want to check out their website and sign up if you're not already on it.  Then you'd be able to find out right away of sales and such.  And maybe get some coupons as a bonus.  :)
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  • My FI just came home and told me Bed bath and beyond is having a huge sale on yankee candles... plus there are always those coupons you can get $5 off $15... good luck!
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  • I didn't stop in to check tue prices, but Yankee Candle os having a semi-annal sale today... not sure when it goes to. Or when it started... Hopefully you get some good deals!
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