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Door to Door Sales

Ok so the one day I decide to call in sick, lounge around all smelly and unshowered and maybe attempt to clean house and get bills n such done, I get a damn door to door-er. And she was awesome. Biitch! She was selling magazines for points and the top earner got a trip to Europe and the top 15 got $$. Im always skeptical of these things and I trust next to no one so I always think theyre looking in my house for things to steal and such. But she sat outside with me while I looked up the program online to see that it was legit cuz like I said she was awesome. And it was and she was on the website as a top earner and yada I bought a magazine....

Thank god for cancellation policies b/c I turned around and mailed in the cancellation form 10 min after she left.

I dont like to say no to awesome people, but if I had money to throw away on sh!t I didnt need, I wouldnt be staying home to struggle out my school loans.

Damn door to door-ers....but hey on the not so plus side, I learned that my boxer puppy who I bought as a protector of the house...welcomes strangers with kisses on the face. Thanks for nothing

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