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Reception Decor Ideas

My wedding isn't for another 7 months.  The place that my reception is being held is a huge ballroom and only has decorative lights from the ceiling.  What are some inexpensive ideas that I can help give this room a face lift?  Thanks!

Re: Reception Decor Ideas

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    It depends on your room but I had a friend get baloons in their colors... (White and Turquoise) and filled the with helium. They had strings on them and they just had them float to the ceiling. It looked great with the lighting and was a fun way to incorporate color!
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    Oh my gosh... I have come across hundreds of really amazing and inexpensive ideas.  What is your theme?  Colors?  Anything unique or special about you and you future hubby?  You know... like golf freaks, love to drink wine, travel the world?  What is the overall look you are going for?  If you could give just a few general ideas, I am sure the ldies on this board could definitely help you out!
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    Since our wedding is 2 days before Spring, it has a spring feel.  Main colors are Clover green and different shades of purple (lavendar) with accents of bright spring colors.  I'm trying to go for a simple, elegant touch.  I don't want anything over the top - just want to have a good time - Any ideas would help...thanks!
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    i'm having the same thought.
      peception is in a ballroom with champagne colors on the walls but we're thinking about  black , white , and red wedding with silver accents.

    ive seen a few flowers in red i'd like but otherwise i really feel i need help for ideas as far as decor that looks elegant yet not stuffy.

    We are invisioning a big party, not just a wedding so we want a fun atmospherre (thought of doing uplighting to bring the color in- thats an option for you as well)

    otherwise, i'm blank as far as decor.

    we're also planning to get married in a nearby park with the option of the reception hall if it rains and they dont provide any decor so we need something decor wise that can be easily transferred to either place but can also stand out as "different" if were having it at the reception hall so it doesnt look too similar from the reception.
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