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May 21st anyone?!

Ok, so I talked to my vendor today about extending an hour onto my reception and was told I couldn't b/c there is another wedding/reception in the same outdoor/indoor location as me an hour after my reception. I have no rant on that b/c Id hate for someone to butt in on my time...but now I have 2 questions.

1) Any CNY brides getting married on May 21, 2011?? I wont name the reception area b/c I know some people are worried about the creepers that try to ruin a girls day. But if you're out there...I would LOVE to cut the cost of chairs with you for the outdoor ceremony!!

2) Does anyone think 11:30 is too early for a ceremony? I was told I cound get the room 12-5 if I bump the ceremony earlier and with pictures Id really like that extra time. FI is not too crazy about it but I think its do-able and ok. Anyone??

Re: May 21st anyone?!

  • S_A_FriedelS_A_Friedel member
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    Already married. But in regards to your 2nd question, no I dont think 11:30 is too early for a ceremony.  It really is just a matter of what time of day you want to get married, and what time you want your day to be over.  I wanted mine to be an evening reception going into late-night instead of being done in the early evening.  But alot of girls get married early in the day and are done by 5pm.

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    Thanks! Thats what I was thinking. FI is nervous that I wont have the appropriate amount of time to get ready. But I was in a wedding and we had to meet at 230 but we didnt start getting dressed till 330. I hate that. I like to get up and go with no dead time. And his mother owns a good amt of land with a huge bonfire pit so the party will probably just go that way for the younger people. And thats what I love!
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