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Two things I meant to post about earlier but now I'm just remembering! First off, did you/are you writing your own vows? I'm starting to think about this now and have no idea what we're going to do. It's a non-religious wedding so I'm wondering if we should just write our own. If you did/are, did you collaborate with your FI beforehand to come up with sort of a guideline for what you're going to write?

Second, we have NO honeymoon planned and I'm starting to stress/get kind of sad about it. Originally we had planned to go the Sandals resort in Antigua but that kind of fell apart. Apparently the first week of october is prime hurricane season so that threw us off, and it's not looking l ike it's going to fit in our budget anyway. My dad suggested we don't take a honeymoon right away if we don't have the funds, and plan a trip later on...but I hate that idea! So now I'm thinking we should take a smaller honeymoon, in some place less extravagant. Does anyone have any suggestions? Someone reccomended an island off SC that sounded nice but I have yet to look into it. I wanted to go somewhere beachy ideally. And it's only 6 months away so I'm definitely feeling the pressure to get it figured out :(
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Re: Vows + honeymoons

  • It might seem like a weird suggestion, but Biloxi Mississippi is a great little getaway. It's right on the Gulf Coast, so you'd still get to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean. All the big casinos are there, and even if you're not into gambling, they always have good line ups of shows and events, it has a similar feel as Las Vagas. There's decent shopping and New Orleans is only another hours drive east. And New Orleans obviously has lots to offer. Just a thought. You could also looking into something like to Outer Banks as well, if it's just beach relaxtion your looking for. 
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  • We're just saying the traditional vows, so can't help you there. As for the HM, I'm sure you could find a reasonably priced area along the Gulf coast Louisiana to Florida. I've been to the Outer Banks, and although they're beautiful islands, I think Oct would be a little chilly. Just keep temperature in mind when researching regions!
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  • We are doing traditional vows as well. FI and I are both religious, and are adding elements of Greek Orthodox into our Methodist ceremony. I'm really excited, so although are vows are traditional, we are adding other customs that are important to both of us.

    In terms of honeymoon, we didn't want to travel far (international). Our lives have been crazy hectic so we are going to Ocracoke Island, on the Outer Banks where I grew up. We rented an apartment owned by an interior designer for less than $1000 for the week. We travel a lot and will be planning another trip out west next winter.

    It's beautiful there at the end of the summer and the fall. I highly recommend it!
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  • Fi and I are planning on writing our own vows. Our ceremony is not tradtional and non-denominational. Haven't fully thought them out since I have time, but that's the plan.

    As for the HM, we're planning on going to Tulum. It mgith be hurricane season, but we're going to get insurance on it. We wanted the caribbean, but not too pricey and this was a great compromise. He's a history buff so we'll go visit the Mayan ruins and I love the beach.
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