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belhurst castle in geneva

has anyoe tried the food at the belhurst? my fiance is from seneca falls and we decided on the belhurst. we live in south florida and are plaaning to go up in februay for a tasting! any tips? :)

Re: belhurst castle in geneva

  • No tips on tastings but congrats! The food there is wonderful. Seriously, don't worry yourself over it. I live right in Geneva and we go there for the brunch buffet every now and then and Stone Cutters for dinner all the time. You'll be very happy with your choice, I promise!
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  • Agree! Food there is fantastic! Great venue! And it's pretty affordable too. Congrats! Great choice!
  • I feel that their food has gone downhill in the last few years. It was always good before, but now it's hit or miss.
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  • We held our rehearsal dinner at Belhurst and the food was below average.
  • We had brunch for our reception at the Belhurst.  It was AMAZING- people raved and raved about it.  But Brunch is really their specialty.  Good luck!
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