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Finally finished my seating cards and I think they're pretty! FI is snoring and I have nobody else to show my seating cards to.  I am so sick of them!  But hey - they're almost done.  Now I just have to punch holes in one end and tie ribbon through them, then tack them to a rustic stepladder.  :)  They're actually a darker red and brown, but the light makes them look pink.  And the cats...well, they're just wondering why I'm not sleeping yet.  Smile  Sorry the pics are so small - all I had was my camera phone.

Re: Finally finished my seating cards and I think they're pretty!

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    Too cute!!!  Only a few more days for you... are you getting nervous?  Excited?
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    Um...pretty much every night I dream that it's the big day and I a.) forgot to go to my hair appointment, b.) don't have my dress, c.) never got the wine, d.) forgot to decorate, etc.  I'm really looking forward to waking up that morning, going for a run, showering, and just trying to relax while I get ready and as the day unfolds.  (I keep telling myself that's what I'm gonna do, anyway.)  I'm worried about a hundred little things, but everybody keeps telling me that it will all work out and everything will be lovely, even if it pours the rain and everybody is cold and miserable.  We'll see about that.  Tongue out

    If nothing else, I can't wait to dance!!!!!!
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    And note - if any of you ever decide to use clear address labels to print anything on, I recommend NOT using them unless they'll be on white or maybe ivory paper.  They really aren't clear when used on colored cardstock!

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    omg, im getting married in three weeks and i havent even started my cards!!!  yours look amazing, and totally right about the clear labels on white cardstock! they made my colored cardstock look 4 shades darker where the label was.  you've given me inspiration!  good luck!
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