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STD designs! Need opinions again :) (PIP)

Soooo since Vistaprint sent me an email for 100 free postcards, with free image/design upload and glossy finish, we thought what the heck, let's not make them our STDs,and if they look like crap, we're only out $7 for shipping. Vistaprint also will print a message right on it for us (although we were prepared to... handwrite.... 100... messages... lol), which is awesome! All we'll have to do is stamp and address.

So, I came up with two designs....and when I say two, I mean that I had to re-design these about 6 times before Lucas gave me the green light (to quote him: "I just need to see that WOW factor!" hes so cute lol) but anyway, these are the final two that I ended the process with. We ordered the STDs with the first design (the simple one, as Lucas said that's the one he got the WOW factor from and he thinks the second one is too "busy"). The message says "Please save the date for our upcoming wedding! We would love for you to join us on May 25th, 2013 to celebrate our marriage. Formal invitations and more information to follow. With Love, Lucas and Lorna"

Now, I'm wondering if, since it's a free offer, should I just order 100 in the other design too, justtt in case we change our minds about it later? What do you all think? Is it worth the $7 now?


Re: STD designs! Need opinions again :) (PIP)

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    I really like the top one.... simple, but gorgeous!!
    If they are free, though, I would say go for it and order both!
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    I like both of them! The first one is simple and elegant, but the second one is just so pretty and creative. I don't think it looks busy at all. It just depends on what you want.
    What if you did half and half? that way you wouldnt have to decide :) maybe not what you are looking for, but an idea!

    I did VP postcards for my STD's too. They are really nice and as you said, they are costing you next to nothing. 
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    I don't think the 2nd one is too busy.  They're both really cute.  I kind of prefer the 1st one though.... but the 2nd one is nice because it has a full picture of you guys.  I would say... $7 for another batch isn't bad at all so if you're really not sure just go for it and decide later.  It's a cute idea to do 1/2 and 1/2 mentioned above.
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    I LOVE the first one! Simple yet fantastic.

    The second one is nice to, but I agree with your FI - the first has the WOW factor.
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    I also like the 1st one better.  Although the second one is cute too.  :-)
  • MelissaC315MelissaC315 member
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    I really really like them both... I don't think you can go wrong. Did you guys decide on 2013?! :)
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    I really like the second, because I love to see faces in the STD.  The 1st one is nice too though, so if you could do some of both, that'd be great!!
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    I actually like the second one better! So cute!
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    Thanks for the input, ladies! I think I'm going to hold off on ordering a batch of the second design. Even though they're free right now, I'm SURE I will be able to get them for free if absolutely necessary at some other point in the future, and besides, I want Lucas to feel like his input does matter to me. By ordering the ones he specifically didn't like as much after he already told me so, I think it would be a bit of a let-down to him and I don't want that.

    Melissa, we have "decided" on it, and I put that in quotes because Lucas feels like we haven't "decided" anything until we book a venue. We are communicating with vendors for that date, Lucas raised no objections whatsoever about that date being on the STDs, so I think it's pretty safe to say we've decided on that date. However, I'm waiting to really celebrate it until he gives me the 100% affirmative. He's very silly about it, when I ask him (using TK's countdown) "Sooo, what are you doing in XX days?" he'll respnd with something like, "If God allows it, getting married to you," or, "Possibly getting married." He'll even say stuff like "When we get married ..... in 2 to 3 years.... blah blah blah." It bugs me and is kinda disheartening that I can't get him to just freaking say that this is our official wedding date, and I can tell that even the conversation about him makes him antsy... but, I suppose if he were truly not ready to commit to it, there wouldn't be a ring on my finger and we wouldn't be continuously making plans. I also think he does it just to bug me, which is really unfair lol
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