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Hi everyone. My fiance, Danny and I entered a contest on Facebook to win our Dream Wedding Photography Package. Everyone on here must know how difficult and sometimes stressful it is to plan a wedding and be paying for it by ourselves. It makes it especially hard that Danny has been getting treated for MS for the past year and it's been getting harder to save up for the wedding considering his health is the most important thing. We actually had decided not to spend the money on a photographer and just hope our families would take nice pictures. We were very lucky to have come across this contest that offers so much to us. So we are asking for hopefully some love and support from everyone. You have to have a Facebook in order to vote. The couple with the most "Likes" under their picture wins. So please help us out. It only takes a few minutes to vote- 
1. Click here and "Like" the page. 
2. Click here and "Like" our picture (Gisselle & Daniel) 
We truly appreciate any help you can give us! Contest ends Dec 31♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥


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    I'm sorry but spamming the boards is not a good way to get votes. We are all trying to save for our weddings.
    It would be a different story if we knew you or if you posted here regularly. Why would you post this on the local boards in a place you don't even live?
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    Although I doubt she will ever be back to read your response.
    It cracks me up when people post stuff like this.... like we aren't all in the same predicament.... scrimping and saving to pay for a wedding.
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    Yeah I don't think she'll be back either. If you for instance had posted this I wouldn't have a problem voting for you. But why would I vote for a complete stranger? LOL
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