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So excited!

Ok so Ive been very indecisive lately about EVERYTHING regarding my wedding (FI not included!) but I was searching through ideas for anything and everything and found something I love. I couldn't afford it so Im going to make it!

Explaination. FI and I want Irish incorporated into the reception but I didnt like or couldnt afford the stuff I found. So Im going to buy plain white basket, pillow, guestbook and shamrock charms and Im going to deorated everything with the charms and green ribbon. I dont have a picture yet but Im sooooo excited and Ill def post a pic as soon as I can!

Yay me!

Re: So excited!

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    That sounds like such a neat idea!  What a great way to subtely incorporate your theme without spending the extra $$ on customized decorations.
    Great job!
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    omg--you are getting married in May right?  the DAY after St. Patricks day you'd best be at michaels with a coupon and you can get the nice stuff that can relate to your wedding on super discount.  Not the cheesy stuff that's left after a week.  I made a bunch of stuff like our unity candle (no, I did not dip the wax, I decorated the candle, lol) pew bows, decorated baskets, bubbles, etc.  great idea and good luck!
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    Yay i love DIY projects! I keep loading myself up with them and only a fraction have gotten done I gotta get my tail in gear!

    Good luck sounds awesome!!!
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    Thanks girls!  I may need help/suggestions when I actually get around to doing it. Ive always wanted that crafty/artsy side but I dont have a creative bone in my body. So Ill pray for the best and let you know when it goes wrong! Haha

    Soon, I never even thought about that but its perfect.
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