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Greystone Castle

Hey, I am considering Greystone castle for my ceremony/reception, wondering if anyone has looked there yet or heard anything about it?

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    Hi, I checked out Greystone when I was in the early phases of planning.  The inside is very pretty.  The space is nice and open and the place where they hold the indoor ceremonies is also very nice. 
    Not sure when your getting married, but if your looking for a space that offers a nice spot for an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour then Greystone isn't the place.
    All in all, if we had decided to stay local for our wedding it was between Greystone and Shenandoah at the Turning Stone.
    Let me know if theres anything specific you're wondering about..I can try to answer any questions...GL! 
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    If you want to you can request a packet of information from their website. It gives you a lot of information. I got that in the mail, but that is as far as I have gone.
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    I am having my reception at greystone on May 21 (so excited!)
    Anyway, The hall is gorgeous, and Annette, the owner is wonderful. She is so helpful and patient.. (im pretty sure my mom has called her several times to change/ add things to our wedding plans) with greystone you do have to pay for your caterer seperate because she does not have an in house caterer. It really came out to be the around the same price as other places which included catering for a guest list of my size (100). If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask me
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    Thanks for all the feedback! I think I might go look at at!?!?
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    My fiance's sister just got married there two weeks ago.
    I highly recommend it!
    It is really beautiful, and the set up is perfect.

    Definitely worth looking into!
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