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Central New York

?s for the those who had alterations by Mary Golden...

Just a few questions, as I want to start the alteration process. 

If you call, how soon do you usually get in? I am thinking about calling at the end of this month, but if I won't get an appointment for a few weeks, then I will call sooner. 

Her prices are reasonable, yes? I need a bustle, and it needs to be taken in a little bit. 

Where about is she located? We live in Liverpool and I remember her being close...

Anything else you can tell me would be great! Thanks ladies!!
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Re: ?s for the those who had alterations by Mary Golden...

  • I haven't gone to her (yet), but I suggested her to a friend who got an appointment within a week after she called.  From what I understand, her wedding is in April and she has time to do 2 fittings in case anything else needs to be fixed after the first fitting.

    Confirming what others have said, she mentioned the pricing was the lowest around.  Mary GOlden definitely has the most referrals that I've seen for alterations on here, which is why I'm planning to go to her as well.  I don't know her location though.  

    Let us know how it goes!
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  • I actually just called her yesterday, no response yet. I'm hoping it won't take too long to get an appointment since I have less than 2 months to go. I'll let you know when I hear back.
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  • Ok on my phone, so this will be short, but I used her last year. She is fabulous and by far the lowest prices you will find anywhere. She is a little quirky in that she does not return phone calls or emails unless there is a date/ time conflict or problem of some sort. Otherwise, you just call her and leave a message with the day/time you would like to stop by. She lists her hours on her machine and she will be there. She works out of her home in Liverpool, very close to Carousel Mall. Hope this helps.
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  • Monica, I left her a message asking when the absolute latest date is I can bring my dress in so I can knock off a few more lbs before alterations. Does this mean she won't be calling me back?
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    Thanks Monica! I think she close to me, because i live near carousel.

    ETA: She lives on my street! How weirdly awesome!!!

    First comes Love (2.23.2006)
    Then comes Marriage (6.23.2012)
    Then comes Baby #1 (5.10.2013)
    And Baby #2 (EDD 6.15.2014)
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