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Where to have it???!!!!

Me and my fiance are planning our wedding for 12-12-12 and are looking for idea on where to have it. We want somewhere we can have outside catering and dont have to do much travel between the ceremony and reception due to what the weather potential can be. We are from the rochester area but would travel within an hour. Please help with any idea you may have

Re: Where to have it???!!!!

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    Do you want to have your ceremony at a church? If not, there are plenty of places in the area where you can have the ceremony right at the venue so your guests don't have to travel between locations.
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    A great place is Sonnenberg Gardens in Canadaigua but idk if they're open in december... that being said, I have a feeling many places will be apprehensive to set up outdoor amenities in December, plus you're looking at costs of having it heated... Idk, I think you will have trouble with this. ETA: I'm a moron. You said outside CATERING not an outside. RECEPTION. Reading is fundmental, Lorna.
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    Probably a silly question -- but when you say "outside catering" do you mean you can bring the food?  I assume so since an outdoor reception in the winter would be extremely cold.  That was my first thought and I was thinking.... no place does outside reception in the winter!! heh...

    I don't think most reception halls allow outside catering where you can bring food.  I've seen at least 30 venues.  There are only 2 hall-type places and 1 community center I can think of that (I'm pretty sure) allow it.  Pratt Falls has a log cabin looking building called Camp Brockway.  Info and pictures:

    Both of those places I think can work with you to have the ceremony and reception at their one location.

    The only other place I can think of is the North Syracuse Community Center.  Not sure if you're interested in that.  It's nothing fancy really; looks similar to a school cafeteria really. I don't think thery have any picures online, but the address is 700 South Bay Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212.

    There was one place that was really nice, but they just started using a caterer that you had to work with.  Good luck finding a place!
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    As Lorna mentioned, Sonnenberg Gardens has a cute carriage house for indoor weddings. It's for maybe 80 people tops. You use outside catering there.
    Every other place I can think of has in-house catering as most halls and hotels do.

    When I looked for venues I actually had help from a caterer. She listed all of the places she had worked that were in line with my wishlist. If you have a particular caterer in mind, maybe they could help you find a venue.
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    When I was looking in that arae I came across Westminster Hall. It's like an old converted church with a chapel for ceremonies and a reception hall on the side.... that might be an option. I believe it's in Mendon.
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    Not sure how fancy you would want it, but how about Highland Forest (Syracuse area, might be a little farther than an hour away).  I'm pretty sure you can set up sleigh rides for the guests (or you and your new hubby) if you want too.  Might be a good picture opportunity!  Either way the lodge is really pretty with fireplaces and they allow outside catering.  I was looking into having a winter Jack & Jill shower there, and my parents have hosted a function there before.  It would be especially cute in the winter!!
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    Is there any particular reason you want outside catering??  You are really cutting your options pretty short with criteria like that... and with a set date already in mind, you might have some issues.  Just food for thought.
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