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Central New York

Camp Brockway

Hey is anyone having their wedding here. We are lookiing at it. I am wondering when and how you plan to decorate. I am worried if we can only go to decorate the morning of the wedding I won't be able to help and I am not sure who I can ask. Should we hire someone to help? What do you girls think?

Re: Camp Brockway

  • SSBT2010SSBT2010 member
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    I am having my wedding at camp brockway Sept. 11. My FMIL, FI and possibly mom will be decorating the morning of.  We are going to be getting married around 3:30 and the caterer will be set up for a cocktail hour by four and dinner by 5:30.  We are planning on keeping the decorations pretty simple. Candles for the centerpieces with some fake leaves.  We are going to do christmas lights covered by sheer fabric for the beams and head table. (See below) We are also putting two tables together to make squares. Since our budget is pretty small we didn't hire anyone to decorate, however the caterer is being very helpful in arranging things at the venue for us if they come in and see that they were moved from were we originally wanted them. I hope this helps! If you have any questions let me know.

  • PeanutsCLPeanutsCL member
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    I'm getting married at Camp Brockway and I booked the place on friday too so that I could come in and get everything ready the day before. Barring that, I have a feeling it would be a lot easier to hire some help.

    We're doing christmas lights and tulle over the beams and the fireplace. Small bouquet of daisies at each table, and having the tables pushed together.

    Hope this helps!

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    I"m getting married there may 12th.  I hired a day of coordinator and she's going to decorate.  Maybe that takes away some of the saving money aspect of things, but I wanted to be in an outside rustic location and not a ballroom so camp broackway fit the bill perfectly.  i was wondering- any of you ladies that are having a wedding there want to go in together on christmas lights?  I'll likely have a bunch left over when I'm done and would love to sell them to someone. 
  • PeanutsCLPeanutsCL member
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    I'll take the  Christmas lights off your hands! What are your wedding colors? Maybe I can take some other stuff off your hands too.

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    Thanks for all of your help... We might have a change of plans and go down to the Outer Banks to get married with close fam and friends and then have a casual party here after!
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    Peanuts-  My colors are green and blue and yellow.  I"m actually not having much stuff that is in particular colors.  We are renting green table runners so I won't still have those.  I'd love to sell my christmas lights to you when I'm done.  I"m also goign to be buying lots of candles.  Im' making a bunch of signs to put outside from old fencing.  I"m also painting a bunch of wooden frames brown to put out signs for the bar and the geust book, etc which if you want those, you can have them too.  feel free to email me sometime linaabq at yahoo . com if you would like anythning.  I can show you pics after the wedding too. 
  • senoritarita3senoritarita3 member
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    My fiancee and I went to look at Camp Brockway and although we decided to go another route when we went to visit a few things popped into my mind for decorations.  I know they said that you couldn't tack anything up or put nails in anything so I was looking at hanging up fabric with some rope (just have the top of the fabric sewn over so that it looks like a curtain and then you can just have the rope go through the loop) It should make it fairly easy to hang since you will only need to tie the rope around any beams you would want to cover. You could also do quick sprigs of decorative garland on the fireplace mantle (think berries and flowers, not christmas garland)  They also have these things you can get at like Michaels or maybe even target and they can also be hung by string but they are giant puffs that hang down kind of like lanterns but without lights. Kind of like these

    Hope this helps with ideas!
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    I just had my wedding there on may 22nd.  I do have some christmas lights if you are interested in them.  We ended up hiring someone to do all the docorating and coordinating and it was well worth the not worrying about it.  But, if you had extra time or people, it could have been done by friends and family as well.  We had tulle and lights around the beams with some little garlands of flowers around that as well.  lots of candles.  I put milkglass vases with yellow and blue flowers on all the long tables with just green table runners.  I liked the look of the old wood on the tables.  We also had uplighting on top of 2 of the rafters so that the ceiling and beams were lit and glowing.  If you want to see pics for some ideas, theres a few shots on my photographers blog- genandsteph.com.  It was the perfect place for our wedding and it came out beautifully.  Let me know if you have any questions about anything or if you want the lights (I only have about 10 strings maybe),  or any candles or milkglass vases. 
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    My daughter is considering Camp Brockway for her reception. Your pictures were beautiful. Were you able to light the building with the Christmas lights and the lights on the beams? We are not fond of the the florescent lights.
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    we never turned on the flourescent lights.  All the lighting came for the christmas lights, candles, and we had some up-lighting actually sitting on top of 2 of the rafters shining up into the ceiling.  It gave everything a nice glow.  I wan'ted to do everyhting possible to hide the ugly lights :)
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    HI everyone,

    I recently got engaged and am planning a fall 2012 wedding. Im looking into camp brockway and wanted to know if any one has any more details, prices, catering, any ideas how to decorate. Any answers and suggestions would be very helpful !

    Thanks !

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    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Start a new freaking thread! This was created in Apr 2010. Why is it not common sense to people? Over a year old and youre gunna comment on it? Ugh

    People are inherently stupid. Weddings make it painfully obvious -- KevinandMonica
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    This one just keeps popping up from time to time!!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_central-new-york_camp-brockway?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:621Discussion:b4d8aad9-7c8a-422e-af1d-f45307ce6192Post:b7939d19-67f5-48e1-8462-74f544e38166">Re: Camp Brockway</a>:
    [QUOTE]HI everyone, I recently got engaged and am planning a fall 2012 wedding. Im looking into camp brockway and wanted to know if any one has any more details, prices, catering, any ideas how to decorate. Any answers and suggestions would be very helpful ! Thanks ! sam
    Posted by sfreer[/QUOTE]

    I can't think of any recent, regular users that are getting married at Camp Brockway, but maybe one will come out of the woodwork. Good luck in your planning!
  • HI! I know this is an old post but google keeps popping this one up! I just reserved Camp Brockway for my wedding in the summer of 2013- Anyone have suggested caterers, decorating ideas, or tips?? Thanks ! :)
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