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Today I got an email from TN with this title (I'm sure some of you did as well):

Want to know what your future baby will look like?

Thanks a lot!  I've been married a grand total of 3 days!  Tongue out

Re: *giggle*

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    Ha, pressure much? The other day my grandma, who does cakes on the side and is doing our wedding cake, was going through some cake decorations and came across little baby bottles and rattles. She then proceded to line them up on the table and ask me if she should leave them out for me if we'll be needing them soon.
    I guess it's just the next step for some people. After you're married, the sole purpose of your life should be making babies. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but some people would like to adjust to being married before popping babies out.
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    I saw that too...

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    Lol.  Gotta love the nosey grandma/aunt/random older female relative "When are you going to make babies?" questions. 

    It only gets better from here, ladies....  I swear, now almost every time I say I am hungry, thirsty, tired, hungover, upset... anything... a "ZOMG are you pregnant?" comes out of left field from someone.  No, you moron.  I am hungry.  I freaking love food.  Since when did hungry=KU.  Geez.
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