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warning: rant AND long

sorry to vent about this because it seems like I mention this a lot, but I'm conflicted/frustrated with my FILs...FI and I got engaged in January 09, FFIL came down with cancer in Nov 09 and has been going through chemo and treatment since then.  My dad had cancer when I was in high school (still with us and didn't have to go through chemo) so I know that it's tough, but not ONCE has anyone been excited for FI or made anything easy for him.  Our wedding is NEXT WEEK and they are giving him a hard time about going to get the tux fitted for his dad--they don't want to come in early and dont' want to go get fitted "It will fit" (but it took us 8 months to get him measured in the first place and that wasn't done until the end of August).  He's so frustrated and said tonight that everyone in his party told him they were too busy to get fitted before the wedding. 

I know a wedidng is usually the bride's thing, but is it too much to ask to be excited for him?  It kills me to see his own family make it tough and tonight was the first time he finally said "sorry this wedidng seems to be such an inconvenience for you" and that's how they treat it.  I know it's so hard for them to even think about it but YOU'RE STILL HERE FOR IT!  YOU'RE ALIVE!!  be happy for your son!!! really grinds my gears.

thanks for listening. 

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