New York far!

Hello to all my fellow CNY Knotties :) 

My wedding is a bit far off (June 23, 2012), but I have already started looking into vendors. (I am a student and my schedule is fairly easy this semester so I figured I would get some things done now!! :)

Anyways, if anyone can tell me about these vendors that would be GREAT!!!

Jones Tones
Whirlin' Disc
Jammin' Beats
Twist and Shout

S&S Limos
American Limos
Caz Limo

Thank you! 
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Re: far!

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    I won't be any help on the DJ... we are going with Ken Paradise.  Love him!!!  We almost went with Whirlin Disc, but decided that a photo booth was not a priority for us... we preferred to spend a little extra on uplighting instead of a LOT extra on the booth.  Ken just had better prices and his lighting was GREAT!  Whirlin Disc was always friendly when we called and did answer emails promptly.  (Not answering emails or phone calls is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and an immediate disqualifier for any vendor).  I heard a crappy review on Jones Tones... music was boring (one of my BM's who attended a wedding they DJ'd this summer)
    We decided to go with S&S for the limo.  Their prices are pretty good and they were very flexible with us.  Caz has a large fleet, but they can be a little snotty over the phone and they were much higher in price than the others.
    Good thinking to get as much done early as you can.  You will end up with much better prices for booking early (most vendors will charge you the 2010 or 2011 rate... saves you money in case they increase their prices next year).
    Good luck!
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    I went with Whirlin disc (Peter was our DJ) and American Limo (Ron was our driver) I loved them both! the DJ was great i barely did anything and he just "got it" but I was also very simple with my reception we did a first dance (just B&G), mother son dance, father daughter and a few speeches. No bouquet toss no garter no other extra stuff I wanted everyone just to have a good time dance drink and party everyone loved it! So he had it really easy :)

    Ron from american limo was great. Really nice guy and clean limo with booze! I only required the booze (not gonna lie i finished a bottle of champagne on my own and we had only 5 minute rides to both locations) He also cleaned my shoes after our photos cause they got stuck in the dirt... how cool!!! 

    Good luck :) 
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    we recomend Kevin Colangelo DJs
    his site is">
    315 445 9800
    He was awesome at our wedding and is not a cheesy type DJ and has a wonderful British accent - he advertises on here too if you look under the vendors and has many great reviews from knot brides
    Burt and Cheryl
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    Ron from American Limo is AMAZING!!!  Even if you do not get Ron, many of their other drivers are wonderful as well.

    I can't help with the DJ since I've personally worked with At Your Request & Skip Clark in the past so I don't know much about the others.

    Good Luck!!
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    Oh another to consider for DJ is DJ Bill T we use him at the casino I work at all the time and he is great! I didnt know about him in time or else I might of gone with him. Hes from the Oneida area.
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    We are going with Skip Clark and American Limo. Both did my sister's wedding and my mom RAVED about them. Those were the only two on our list that she insisted on. Everyone we go to about the wedding says Skip is one of their favorites. He was very affordable too!!!!
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    I had never heard of those two Djs..I have contacted them! and I am really excited! Thank you so much!
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    Then comes Marriage (6.23.2012)
    Then comes Baby #1 (5.10.2013)
    And Baby #2 (EDD 6.15.2014)
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    dj skip clark here too!
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