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Has anyone used Bridepixs?

I was wondering if any one  has used new york bridepix or George Camardella? I wrote him an email about looking at his work and he just seems pushy... like he has no pictures or a website online and when i asked him to send me some pictures he said he would do it later... and then was interested in setting up a date to meet.. when i didnt write back his email thinking in the meantime he would send me pictures he then wrote me another email asking me what i thought...

what i really think is why am i scheduling a time to meet if i dont have any samples of his work,.. like there is no point on meeting with him if i dont like his pics??

any advice... has anyone used him before?

Re: Has anyone used Bridepixs?

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    I have not used nor heard of them... but I would steer clear if it is starting out like that.  Just my own opinion. 
    I am using Tess Moran out of Buffalo... she has been  so wonderful.
    I would keep looking.  Most couples spend a lot of money on the photographer.  They should be tripping over themselves to impress you and earn your business... not pestering you and scaring you away.
    There are lots of others out there who would be thrilled to show off their work.
    Alterimage is another good one.
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    Yeah he emailed me back and i said that i get out of work at 5 and he was like okay well i can meet you tomorrow or thursday after 8pm... thats just weird 8pm is a little late!

    Yeah our budget is pretty low at like 1000. I checked into Tess Moran but she is booked the day of our wedding. I have a few other options that are not as sketchy... the guy who cant email me back is less sketchy lol
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    I would not trust a photographer who doesn't have a website. Both my aunt and uncle are in the business and gave be some questions to ask and things to look for and I'll share them with you:

    1.Check their website, facebook, myspace (people still use myspace?) or whatever they have set up. A professional WILL have his/her pictures online for potential customers to view

    2.Any shmuck with a digital camera and little knowledge will try to convince you that he is just as good as a professional. He's not. Ask if they are licensed, than ask for proof.

    3.Ask how they light a dark room

    4.Ask to see pictures taken indoors. The sun gives the best lighting, you will be able to better judge their abilities if you see their indoor work.

    5.Ask if they print their own pictures or send them to be printed.

    6.Ask about their turn-around time and if they offer a guarantee on said time.

    7.Will you own the rights to your pictures?

    8. How many photographers will be shooting?

    9.What if they are sick/injured or can't make it? Do they have a contingency plan?

    10.Do a google search for them, read reviews and see if they have networked themselves onto bridal websites or magazines.

    I am probably forgetting some but I think the most important one are on there

    Oh yeah and I'm going with Robyn Baty out of Rochester
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