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Wedding Update Wednesday

Cross anything off your list this week?
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Re: Wedding Update Wednesday

  • - I got my shoes in the other day!  I'm eye to eye with FI when I wear them, haha.  He was really thrown off.
    - Started working on designing the invitations some more.  I'm hoping to finish up a majority of the wording/design this weekend and maybe even print out a few proofs.  We'll see...  The goal is to have them done and printed by end of April so we can mail them in May... which seems to be coming faster than I thought it would!
    - I looked at flower girl dresses, but am having a hard time finding one I like...
    - Met with the planner to go over the day of schedule.
    - Not a majpr thing, but I found pew bows on clearance and put those together just to check something off of the list.  :)
    - Played around with smaller major jars used as votives look.  We're going to use a floating candle in them.  I think we found something we like; we now just have to make sure we have enough for all of the tables...
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  • Friday will be a big day of checks-

    We meet with our pastor in the morning to start discussing the ceremony, and a meeting with the invitation designer people (what do you call them otherwise? graphic designer?) in the afternoon. As much as I would love to "DIY" on this stuff, I have zero time :-( So it's nice to be working with someone who will coordinate everything.

    AND! The best part.. I'm not having a bridal shower (just not my thing), but my sister insists on doing something with some of my close friends. The majority of my girl friends live out of state, so asking them to come for a weekend or whatnot and pay for two plane tickets (including wedding) was out of the question. SO, she is planning on a "girls night out" two days before the wedding, and 14 of the 16 girls said they can make it! I'm so excited that it works for (almost) everyone!
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    I met with my hairdresser yesterday, and worked out the day of schedule. We have to be there at 8:30am, which is awesome because I was expecting like 5:30 for ten people to get their hair done! 

    We are doing Yankee Candle Votives as our favors, and they are on sale right now! But, I was told that they are having another sale around April 5th (PSA?) for their votives, so I think we are going to buy them then. (Money is a little tight right now, our little pug puppy needed stitches this past weekend...)

    Next week: meeting with our Rehearsal dinner location to discuss the menu! We decided to stay with The Retreat. We love it there, and the price is right. (Plus my FMIL doesn't "think it is necessary to invite out of town guests", so my grandparents are not invited to the rehearsal dinner)....but don't get me started on her....Yell

    have a great week!

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    [QUOTE](Plus my FMIL doesn't "think it is necessary to invite out of town guests", so my grandparents are not invited to the rehearsal dinner)....but don't get me started on her.... have a great week!
    Posted by mek20[/QUOTE]

    <div>Even if out of towners weren't invited... usually close family is... and one would think grandparents = close family!</div>
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Wedding Update Wednesday : Even if out of towners weren't invited... usually close family is... and one would think grandparents = close family!
    Posted by bitofrits[/QUOTE]

    I would think grandparents are invited too... good luck with that!

    I finished writing out all addresses on the invitation envelopes.  Last night I stamped our return address on the RSVP envelopes, and placed the forever rose stamp on those.  Now I just have to stuff the invitations, RSVPs, and directions into alll the envelopes.  Going to NY this friday for wedding appts on monday.
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  • Finally tried on my dress Monday, it fit! Now my goal is to need to have it taken in. Reserved all of my rental necessities with Taylor Rental...pretty excited about the slushie machine (frozen margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!). I finally decided on an idea for the guest book...we're having everyone write messages on fabric squares and hang them clothesline-style, then after the wedding I plan to make a decorative quilt. Ordered favors and sparklers and purchased what I think is the last of the decorations I'll need.

    I'm thinking I should probably start arranging meetings with my vendors soon to hash out the technicalities....caterer, dj, etc. That will be my goal for this coming week.

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  • Did a couple things this week! My mom ordered her MOB dress, which looks really nice. We ordered all the flowers (they're all silk). Which I would definitely reccomend to anyone on a budget...the flowers look real, you can keep them forever, and for my bouquet and flowers for the rest of the bridal party it was only $120! I'm also going to meet with someone on Monday about finding an officiant. Hmmm, I think that's it!
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  • I didn't get much of anything done. I spoke on the phone with a photographer who I want to use. Getting a straight answer out of my fiancée about it is a pain though, he's seemingly indifferent, which means he disagrees but is too polite to say anything.

    Fiancee's cousin was ordained a week or so ago. So we plan on formally asking him to officiate our wedding. Neither of us are terribly religious, but we'd love to have a family member whose ordained officiate instead of hiring a justice of the peace.

    I started a new job this week. One with a huge learning curve and that on top of grad school and training for a triathlon are going to make my ability to plan come to a grinding halt for a while most likely.  

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  • ohh.. so excited...

    Finishing up putting wax seals on all the invitations as I type (fiance is doing it all!!)

    My Mom bought her dress this week... SO CUTE from Ann Taylor.

    Bought an awesome pair of sparkly flats for a much later in the night shoe change.

    Picked out the suits for all of the guys today.

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