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Very interesting weekend with my family...

So here'e the backstory: FI and I are in that weird situation where we decided to get married (4 yrs together, house together, etc), this summer, but I don't have a ring yet. My mother gave him a family ring which he is having put into a personalized setting and going to surprise me with it sometime soon (I Hope!). Meanwhile, our parents and close family all know, and we have our venue and photographer booked, etc. My mom and his parents live locally so they've been very involved in the planning and we all went out to dinner to celebrate at our venue the night we booked, but my dad lives in FL, so he just really got a phone call to let him know (he was expecting it).
Fast forward to this weekend:
My dad and his gf came up for a visit, and my siblings, their SO/wife, and my and FI all piled into cars and went to our family's cottage in Canada for a weekend together. NO phone reception, NO tv, NO computer, and it was raining so we were all stuck inside in a tiny little wood cabin. FI was almost in hell (he works for Verizon, and is a city boy). We ended up having a great time eating and playing games, but FI kept telling me he needed to talk to my dad about something... I was like, ok, then just tell him? He was like, alright, if that's ok with you infront of everyone.. (I wasn't getting it). I ended up walking the dog down the road alone at one point, and when I walked back into the cottage everyone looked at me, and FI announces :"Good news honey! Your dad just gave us his blessing!" SO EMBARASSING! Apparently he never made the official phone call to ask for dad's approval, and ended up asking infront of my WHOLE FAMILY! Hehehehe... funny stuff, just had to share!
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Re: Very interesting weekend with my family...

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