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How did you decide????

Ok I have a little problem.  My FI wants a small wedding, and I want a bigger one.  As you know most woman dream about there wedding almost all of there life.  He is saying that I am making it more about everyone else than him and I.  How can I get him to agree with me on this.  I dont want a HUGE wedding but I would like something more than just immediate family.  I feel if I dont get what I want I will be setteling and i wont be happy unless I get what I want.  HELP!!!

Re: How did you decide????

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    I suggest trying to compromise... Explain how important it is for you to have more people there when you get married. Maybe you could each invite a set number of other people. My FI brother got married recently and they had a very small wedding.They each had their families and they each invited 5 friends and didn't let the friends bring dates. It seemed to work perfectly for them. Another compromise would be to have a small wedding and then have a big party a few weeks later and invite everyone you wanted to invite to the wedding to celebrate your new marriage.
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    It seems maybe if you back up why you want a big wedding other than saying "every girl dreams of it" then maybe he will see your point.  If you, for example, talk to your cousins at least once a week and point out how much they mean to you he will understand why you want to invite more people.  On the same front--if you just want to celebrate and he wants a small intimiate affair maybe you can compromise by having a small/large rehearsal dinner and having the opposite size for the wedding...good luck!
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