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Liquor stores in Syracuse - suggestions?

I'll be up in Syracuse this weekend to figure out the selection of wines available, but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on the place with the best selection / prices?  When I lived there, I usually went to Pascale's Liquor Square on Erie Blvd.  But I'm intrigued by that new one out by Wegman's, too...

Our wedding reception will have mostly NY state products for food, beer, and wine, so the best NY wine selection would help.


Re: Liquor stores in Syracuse - suggestions?

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    Those are the exact two I would suggest. The one by weggies now has a bigger selection than before. Pascales is my usual default but thats mainly because its closest to my house :)
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    Both are great!  Harborview is another local store with good prices and a large selcetion.
    Also, if you have enough time (and I know 4 weeks isn't a lot of time) you can take a quick tour around the Finger Lakes and pick them up directly from the wineries.  Fi and I do it all the time and make a day out of it.  You get to taste lots and LOTS of delicious wines... It is tons of fun and we always end up with some really great finds (and often they are $1 or $2 cheaper than the liquor stores)!  So if you have the time, consider taking a little drive out there... Think of it as a mini getaway and great way to relax before the big day.
    Good luck and happy shopping!
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    FI and I did some "research" by doing the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.  It was awesome!  (And also happened to correspond with a greyhound rescue fundraiser weekend on the trail, which was even better.)  I made very careful notes about everything I tasted, but - since I'm a wine lightweight - I was pretty woozy after only 8 wineries.  (There is no WAY I am swishing it around in my mouth and then spitting it out!)  By the time we were done, all the wines we tasted sorta ran together and I couldn't really remember which ones I liked the most.  Definitely worth doing, though!  My problem is that we want to provide dry reds and whites in addition to a sweeter selection at the wedding, but FI and I don't like dry wines enough to be like, "ooh, this one is a great choice."

    Thanks for the input, and I'll look into Harborview - never been there!
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    I grew up in the finger lakes, so just wanted to add, if you decide to buy directly from any of of the wineries, even if its a little extra drive - if you buy by the case you not only get each wine for a dollar or two less, but you get a per case discount that is much better than from the liquor stores. I would recommend doing your research first online. Check out the wine trail websites, and you will be able to see which wines have won recent awards (which can help you make a decision on which to go with). Then you can find out from the winery websites what their offers are, or give them a call. Maybe you can arrange to have a friend or family member pick up the wine before you arrive?
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    Liquor City on Erie has great prices and a huge selection too.
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