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Way behind on invites-- need recommendations!

We planned on ordering our invites this weekend after meeting with a designer at a local letterpress/graphic design studio. Our budget on invites was $900 including directions/accommodation cards, RSVP card/envelope, and outer envelop/pocketfold. This didn't seem so bad.

SO, we found a design we liked (not loved), but it worked and we were happy... until he emailed us the quote. $1975.00!!!! I was like "oh he$$ no!!!".

I really wanted to be able to view the invitation (feel of the paper and whatnot) before we ordered, but it looks like we're going with a national company (wedding paper divas or something of the sort).

Where did everyone else get their invites?? Were you satisfied with the quality? We need to have these out in 6 weeks, which is NOT a lot of time!!!


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Re: Way behind on invites-- need recommendations!

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    We ordered ours custom made through a local Hallmark store. For invitations, reception cards, inner and outer envelopes, RSVP cards and envelopes, and escort cards it was around $550. We also upgraded the font and had the addresses printed on the RSVP envelopes. I was pleased with the quality and design, and there were many other designs to choose from.
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  • We got our invitations from an etsy store, but that took quite a few weeks.

    However we bought our STDS from InvitationsbyDawn. They were a great quality paper, and you can order like 5 free samples of ones you like at a time and they get sent to you within a week. (I think I ended up ordering 15 different free samples) It worked out great for us. Check it out. If anything just go on and order some samples of ones you like to get the ball rollin'. ITS FREE, and maybe you will end up loving them.

    Best of luck!
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    We went with a simple, elegant design from The Green Kangaroo. They have coupons once a week on facebook, so I was able to save $75. Total cost was $600 for thermography invitations. We love them! I was also interested in invitations from Wedding Paper Divas, great quality there too. Good luck!
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  • We're ordering ours from Vistaprint. We're on a budget, I can't imagine paying over a thousand dollars or even 500. It'll probably cost us around 200-250 max. I used them for my save the date's and was impressed with the quality for such a good price, so we're going to them again!
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  • We got ours from My Big Day Designs on Etsy; I loved them and they always throw in a few extra in case a few get ruined, misspelling, etc.
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  • Thank you so much for the wonderful recommendations!! I'm checking them out right now!
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  • I used  They emailed me the print for approval before printing them, got them quite quickly after that.  And very reasonably priced!
  • I bought mine from They have 15% off of wedding invitations going on right now. They have the most unique designs and are very customizable. Our guests loved ours!
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