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Wife Chop!

I did the wife chop yesterday!!  Sorry, I'm a tease and I don't have any pictures yet.  As soon as I get one, I'll post it.  But I feel so good now!  It's so not me to have long hair.  I had long hair in my early-to-mid twenties, but I've been keeping it fairly short for years now (minus the engagement year).  Now that my wedding is over, I can go back to my hair the way I want it!

Re: Wife Chop!

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    edited December 2011 jealous!  I am making an appointment this week to say good bye to mine!  Post some pics please :)
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    That's so fun!! I'm thinking of getting bangs after the wedding. The hair will stay crazy long (half-way down my back) though- I refuse to cut it! My FMIL is a hair dresser and does mine (plus eyebrow waxing), so I'm hoping she'll make it work with the bangs.

    Pics please!!!
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    Idk how you ladies do it. for the first time since i was NINE i cut ten inches of my hair last august (when i was 22) and ive only JUST started to feel like myself again with it growing out.
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    I'm with you, Lorna! I've had long hair most of my life, and would feel strange if it wasn't there for my to play with. It's like my security blanket lol.
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    Im so jealous! I have had hair anywhere from my butt to straight boy cut short (not a good look) and I so much miss the short hair right now. I planned on cutting it after the wedding but decided not to so I could do something fun with it for my sisters wedding. Now Im thinking I want to wait through winter so my neck isnt cold!

    Cant wait to see pics!

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    Earlier this year I cut 10 inches off!! Now im growing it for the wedding next August BUT I cannot wait till wedding is over with so I can cut it off again!!!  I've never heard of the Wife Chop but love love love the idea!

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    I usually keep my hair pretty long, but it's SO long right now that I really can't wait to cut it. Its hard to sleep on because it gets stuck under my body. Also, my hair is so fine that the longer it gets, the flatter it gets. I just want some long, voluminous curls for the wedding then I'm right there with you....snip snip.....
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    I'm still waiting for my wife chop.  I want to do my TTD shoot and boudoir pics first with my super long hair... now that school is done, I can finally find the time to do it... then Buh-BYE to the super long hair.
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    Oh I can't wait! Mine is down past the middle of my back. And I'm waiting to get married to cut it & donante it all to locks of love.
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