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Chair/Chair Cover Rentals

Have any of you girls rented either chairs or chair covers around the Syracuse area? I have approx 175 guests and need to rent either white chairs for the outdoor ceremony OR I can get free chairs from the local fire departments but Ill need to rent chair covers. I really would prefer not to spend a lot b/c its such a small part of the day, however I do know its important. I know Century Decorations is pretty cheap (2.25 including set up) but I have no idea where else to look to compare. I havent even thought of looking for chair covers yet but if theyre cheaper I'd almost prefer it.

Any suggestions??

Re: Chair/Chair Cover Rentals

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    Wow 2.25 a chair that is CRAZY good. I looked at the events company and Elizabeths Chair covers and both ran about 5.00. Does your quote come with a sash or just the cover?
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    Oh no the 2.25 was for chairs themselves. Covers Ive seen up around 5 like you said. Im thinkin it'll be cheaper just to get the chairs and nix the covers
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    I've worked with the events company before they do a lot of our events at work. Theres also Syracuse Chair & party rental & taylor rental. both in the cicero area i think.
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    Awesome. Thanks!
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    If you end up going with chair covers, you might want to look into buying them from a wholesaler instead of renting them.  The price difference really isn't that much and if you buy the, to use for your wedding, you can always turn around and sell them... make at least a little moeny back off of them.
    I think even $5 a chair cover is outrageous for a rental...
    Good luck
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    don't forget about putting on 175 covers by yourself or having someone do it and do it right.  Im using elizabeth even though its a hair more expensive, because she will put them on and take them off without us worrying about it.  good luck!
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