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Syracuse Limos

Looking for a Limo... hoping for a reasonable price.  Any suggestions?

Re: Syracuse Limos

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    We're using Caz Limo. The one thing I found is that they were all more than I expected. We decided to go with a company with a good reputation.
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    They are all definitely pretty pricey, but we went with S&S and we loved them. Donnie was our driver, he was a blast!
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    I've heard great things about American, but another option that is more budget friendly if your not set on a limo is to rent a luxury or sports car from like Hertz or somewhere like that. We ended up getting a convertible for less than 200 and we get it all day! : ) good luck
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    we are also going with S and S--Caz has a great reputation but was none too nice or helpful when i called...I met the guy at S and S at a wedding show and he was very helpful and nice.  here's hoping!!
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    CNY FINEST LIMO SERVICE- all they have are limo busses but I've got them from 12-6 for $600
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!  I am still looking and hoping to find something I like.  I also considered just renting a larger vehicle my bridal party is not huge so I just want somewhere we can all be together.  I feel like the limo is really the only time that you get to be with just your wedding party.  Thanks again!

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    I met a rep from S&S at a bridal show.  They said they would beat any price- and they actually did!  They were super nice on the phone- every time i called =).  Caz was VERY rude- i will never do business with them.  Just my opinion...
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    I went with S&S.  Got prices everywhere and they were all similar.  For same price I got 2 extra seats with S&S.  Looking forward to it!
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