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I remember a couple of girls on here were doing boudoir shoots?  Any tips, or pointers??

I won a session from the Rochester Bridal show we went to last weekend, I don't think I'd havenormally done one but I know he'd love it and its free :)

I'm hoping it could actually be a confidence booster, did you girls feel good about the results?
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Re: Boudoir

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    I've never done it, but I've seen some pics and they look AWESOME.  We were supposed to do it for my sister's bacheloretter party, but only she and I were up for it and it was UBER expensive.  I told her if she wants to within the next year I'd still be up for it though.  Good luck!!
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    I did them, and they turned out AMAZING. My husband loved them :)
    I had my hair and makeup done that day, less for me to worry about, and I looked pretty darn good thanks to her. (sara lovell is her name and she's based in Rochester).
    Outside of that, make sure your nails and toes are done. Shave, maybe get a spray tan or  use some good lotion for a little color, I picked up two outfits from VS, used one thing I already had, and then stole one of his favorite dress shirts to wear. Make sure you bring heels, thigh highs are always sexy, and if you are like me, you might need to have a drink to loosen up!
    It was a great confidence boost and i had an amazing time!

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