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Fake Flowers Ok??

So I am having a very rustic adirondack wedding but with aa little bit of glam...

Is it OK to not have fresh flowers?? I found what looks like beautiful paper flowers on etsy. I love the idea of ordering them for everything and having it all out of the way and not worrying about flowers on the wedding day,
 Do you think this is ok?? Or should I go with real flowers.

Re: Fake Flowers Ok??

  • It's perfectly fine to use fake flowers. Those you have pictured are beautiful. If they fit in with the look you are going for, then I say go for it Smile
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  • I'm having fake flowers too.  My future mother in law is super crafty and is doing all the flower arrangments herself.  It's saving me a boat load of money and she's thankful to contribute something since they live so far away.
  • I'm using silk flowers and they looks just like real flowers. Fresh flowers are SO expensive, why spend all that money if you don't have to? Not to mention, real flowers wilt and die. I'll be able to keep my bouquet and any other arrangements I want and use them around my house if I like. I would definitely reccomend going with fake flowers!
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  • Thanks Ladies!! I am going to order one of these single flowers and see how it looks. I'll update when I find out!
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