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Has anybody been married at or planning a wedding ceremony at Basilica Sacred Heart in Syracuse, NY?  Or know of anybody who has had a wedding there? I am looking into having the wedding ceremony at Basilica Sacred Heart, however came across a rule stating "No strapless gowns allowed.  Decent appropriate dress allowed."  I am planning on wearing a strapless dress however no cleavage will be showing and in my opinion is a very appropriate/classy wedding gown.  I was told to use my best judgement, however don't want it to be an issue the day of the wedding.  Any input/suggestions?

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    Can you call the rectory and see what they say? Or talk to the priest who is marrying you. If it is an issue maybe you can get a lace bolero like this one (click here) for the ceremony.
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    I have been to a few services there and they are very old fashioned and very very strict! I got yelled at for chewing gum, quietly! When are you getting married? If it is during the fall or winter you could get a nice little bolero or a shall to cover up during the ceremony, if it is in the warmer months, I would consider another church, because I don't think they will budge on the modesty factor.
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    Hello!  I'm actually getting married at Basilica Sacred Heart in Syracuse on October 2nd.  Getting married in this church is the closest thing to getting married at the Vatican.  I just went through the interview with the Priest and from what everyone else is telling me, they are very old-school.  My fiance and I were split up and both had to answer questions about the other individually and swear on the bible.  Kinda nutty, but that's how this church is.  VERY TRADITIONAL.  So, as it relates to the gown, I asked about it and the response I got was "you must show respect in the Lord's house".  Therefore, I have a bolero that I'll be wearing, however I still have to find some type of cover for my bmaids as their dresses are also strapless.  I do know someone who will be married in September there and will be "chancing" it without a cover so I'm curious how that will go.  Also, there are no runners allowed either.  I'd be happy to fill you in on anything else you have questions on....I know I would have liked to ask a bunch before we went thru the process:)

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    Dear Bride-to be,
    The Basilica isa most beautiful church in the Syracuse area, reflecting in the Polish immigrants love for their faith by building this church over a century ago. Yes, it is very much Catholic and traditional.  That's why so many people iove it there.  There is a reverence you don't find most anywhere else.  It's Gos's house and if you can't show respect there, where than? A marriage in a Catholic church is a sacrament and is holy.  It's not about fashon, but  it's about a covenant between you, your spouse and God.  It's not just a facility to rent for the" big" day.  If you are not going to practice your faith, than you should get married somewhere else.  My son was married there in October 2008 and the photo's from their wedding ceremony reflect a sense of awe for the holiness of that day.
    Think long and hard about what you are looking for, for your wedding and your future for you and your beloved.
    And by the way gum chewing  in church is so thoughtless.
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    How did it go with your friend who was wearing the strapless dress in Sep?   
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    [QUOTE]This is a really random zombie post.  Just sayin'...
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    Lol this!
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