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mallozzi's wedding reviews

has anyone been to a wedding there and if so do you remeber any details as far as colors and if they had chair covers and how they set the room up please let me know some details thanks guys.

Re: mallozzi's wedding reviews

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    I don't know of it.  Sorry, Tiffany.  Where is it?
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    I just looked it up. Its in Schenectady. 

    Sorry Ive never heard of it either.

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    My FSIL got married there this past fall. Here are some pictures that show the room:

    This is the room as the bride and groom entered. The wait staff lit sparklers for their entrance. You can see the draping from the ceiling.

    This is blurry, but you can see the chair covers. They're white. This is as the wait staff entered.

    And here's a better detail of the drapery.

    Hope this helps! It was a lovely wedding, and she and her husband were very happy with it.

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