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spray tan or real tan?

I dont want to look ghostly white, but not orange from a spray tan and dont want to damage my skin. I do have some color and need to even myself out. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 
Places to spray tan in CNY? or just go tanning for the 2 weeks before?

Re: spray tan or real tan?

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    I don't know how true it is but I have heard that a spray tan can rub off onto your dress. If you can get a tan in 2 weeks I say go tanning.
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    my suggestion, be careful if you are only going tanning for 2 weeks, you may burn and a burn from the tanning bed hurts
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    you may not be able to develop a good base tan in two weeks, and you may end up trying to do it too fast and being burnt.  Going outside to tan is also risky because 1- there may be little to no sun and 2- tan lines.

    Caribbean connection in rome does spray tans- some that last for 3-5 days and others that last 8-10. 
    give them a call and see if they can give you any advice 339-8266

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