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1 Month to go... oye vey!

Ok so i'm at the 1 month mark now and as bad as it sounds I don't feel like I have a ton left to do besides random appointments and such. The only big thlings left to do are my escort cards (DIY project), final dress fitting, hair trial and baking bonanza for my RD. One of my MOH's and I are baking a cupcake tower for the RD dinner :) Now that we are decorating semi-pros!

Although bad news bears... my original hair dresser my friend Nikki was going to do it for me until she had to have unexpected surgery :( shes only 23 and has been in serious pain so I hope she gets better!!! Luckily my salon was able to take me and the other getting their hair done. Crisis averted! Cool

Re: 1 Month to go... oye vey!

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