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Wedding Update Wednesday

What did you do this week?

(This is my last WUW post, so if anyone wants to take over next week, feel free!)

I've done almost everything, so here's a list of what I still need to do instead:
1. Finish favors (tomorrow - need my mom to be in town first).
2. Finish OOT bags (tomorrow - need FMIL to be in town first).
3. Get mani/pedi.
4. Have bridesmaid's luncheon.
5. Have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Re: Wedding Update Wednesday

  • Happily9Happily9 member
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    1)  Rounded up my non-rsvpers...almost done
    2) did a rough draft of seating chart
    3) made appointments for final meetings with DJ, Florist, baker
    4) chose our cake flavors
    5) Started OOT bags
    6) stained card box

  • bitofritsbitofrits member
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    Not too much on this list, but the first one is a biggie.  :)
    1. Goal in May... decide on DJ... -- I can finally check this off my list!! wooo hooooo
    2. Made ONE MORE hotel appt (FI is going to kill me...) before giving a final decision on hotel of OOT guests

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  • rsfan23rsfan23 member
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    Just copy Sarah's list except I've finished the favors and I'm not having a bridal luncheons and my list is the same! Smile
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    I've done nothing substantial! but yayyy to all you girls!!
  • sbolger17sbolger17 member
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:621Discussion:fbfe2259-7ebd-4268-91ce-9c439bd05469Post:c8b70f95-c8bc-459a-a5e8-05e0f866f52b">Re: Wedding Update Wednesday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Just copy Sarah's list except I've finished the favors and I'm not having a bridal luncheons and my list is the same!
    Posted by rsfan23[/QUOTE]

    Woo woo!
  • raes19raes19 member
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    I think the only thing I got done was my last dress fitting, and brought my dress home! This one went much better than the last one, but I still have some underarm pudge to take care of.
    Pic my sister took while the seamstress double checked everything:

    ETA: The most important part, we got our marriage license. And all the paperwork for our honeymoon Cool

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    Raes your dress is amazing and from what I can tell it looks stunning you!
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    Booked rehearsal Dinner venue
    Made my will you be my BM/MOH cards
    Set up apt with florist that I'm 99% sure we'll book this weekend
    Ordered samples to start planning our DIY STDs and Invites
    Got info for blocks of rooms at Hotels other than reception venue
    Started a Dress binder list of must try's and plotting my plan of attack for which dressed at which salons etc 
    Fell in LOVE with one dress which hopefully will make the above book/plan unnecessary

     The house is almost finished just outside stuff-windows, siding, and gutters start next week!  I can change gears now!  I'm finally feeling bride-y and getting into planning!
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