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Heading North...

So my FI and I are renting a van and driving to Syracuse Saturday. We have a ton to transport...... so he is coming up with me for the weekend, heading back to Baltimore and then coming back with our car on Wednesday night before the wedding.

What should I make sure I have? What could I be forgetting.......

Re: Heading North...

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    Most important things: Your dress and all your accesories, shoes, undergarments!  Wedding rings!
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    Make a packing list and go over it with Fi or your Moh.  Another set of eyes can catch things that you might miss.  Make sure you pack underwear for the day after the wedding.... just saying.... from experience.  lol

    So close!!!!!
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    Haha good point with the Underwear I could easily over look that. And I looked at my list.... forgot rings thankfully you all reminded me!
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