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Invitation places - Buffalo


I'm hoping to order invitations from a local place.  Looking to do about 120 pocket invites similar to this:

Might consider matching menu cards and ceremony programs.  I want something fully customizable (colors, fonts, styles), and hopefully under $7 apiece.

The places i know of are:
Calling Cards unlimited
Party City
Rust Belt Love
RedLantern Creative

....are there any other places I should be considering?  Any good/bad reviews? Coupons/deals/offers?


Re: Invitation places - Buffalo

  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
    edited January 2012
    I know you said you want to buy local, but you should really consider looking on etsy.com!  I found my invites on Etsy and I couldn't be happier.  I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't find it anywhere, until I searched Etsy.  I found a photo in a magazine and sent it to the seller that had similar invites to see if she was able to make something similar.  Plus, I was able to customize size, color, font, etc.  The girl who did our invites was able to do matching menus and table numbers.  No place could compare in price and everything turned out absolutely beautiful.  I paid a few dollars for a sample before making the purchase, which most sellers offer.  Just search "pocket invitations"... lots come up! 
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  • hm. i guess my hesitation is that i want to see and touch quality before ordering -- hopefully without taking the time and money to order a sample.  neat idea though. if prices around here are awful, i might try that. =)
  • Some places will let you order samples online before ordering.  I know David's bridal does, as well as Ann's bridal bargains and Invitations by Dawn.  I'm sure others do as well, I think I've even seen that on etsy, some sellers will send you a sample first...
  • Party Harty on Sheridan and Evans in Williamsville is amazing!
  • Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions!

    I tried Calling Cards yesterday, and had a pleasant experience with the ladies there.The only problem was that 99% of the invitations weren't really customizable.  like, you could change colors but not fonts, or colors and fonts, but not the symbol/design placement, etc.  Also, i was floored that i'd have to sit and assemble all the invites! "they ship with glue dots" is what i was told.  really? if i'm gonna do that i might as well DIY them for like $200 cheaper! =P

    i know i probably sound like a snob about invites (PEOPLE THROW THEM AWAY why am i being so picky haha) ...but the truth is, there really isn't a simple, classy, black/ivory/burgundy pocket invite (think fleur de lis formality but with veeeery little scrolls/frills) to be seen.

    I'm heading to rust belt love soon. they were higher on the price list, but something tells me they'll do what we have in our heads.
    might try krepecraft, yours truly and party harty too.... but if they use the standard books, then they're pretty much a lost cause. *sad*

    I tried looking at cards and pockets -- and yes, they're cheaper, but they don't do thermographic printing (raised lettering). I kind of wanted that.  Good as a last resort though.

    Again, thanks for all the awesome suggestions! I knew i could count on you ladies =)
  • Try Salutations! In Wililamsville... They have tons of price ranges and different options. Pockets for sure. Thats where I bought mine from.  PM if you want their phone number. They work one on one with you.
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  • I second Salutations. That's where I got mine from too! Definitely a lot of choices and I especially love the woman I worked with!
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  • Yours Truly is totally customized. You pick the paper, the font color, type, everything. It is like Cards and Pockets but she does the work for you. You can design anything you want. I really can't recommend her enough.

    Good luck!
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