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Where to Take Post-Ceremony Photos?!

Who has some good suggestions for where we should go for post-ceremony pictures? 

Our ceremony is at St. Mary's in Swormville, and our reception is at Salvatore's, so I don't want to go to the Falls or anything too far out of the way. 

I was thinking of Glen Falls in Williamsville, but I haven't been there. Does anyone know if that would work? I would love suggestions of other places, too. I'm looking for someplace with good scenery - someplace really nice for wedding pictures! :) 

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Re: Where to Take Post-Ceremony Photos?!

  • So sorry - I didn't think it posted, so I posted another! 
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  • glenn falls is a popular spot. honestly though, i think it's fairly mediocre..depending on the crowd you  might have to wait in line, or have photos with people, trash cans, etc in the background.  i'd suggest delaware park, akron falls park, or even better --- ask your photographer. im sure they've been lots of places =)
  • degreadegrea member

    I would ask your photographer as well. That is what I did with mine. We were going to go to glens falls but it was too sunny.

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  • Hey!

    I was going to take pictures at Glenn Falls too (partly because my ceremony is at the Meeting House, which is super close by, and partly because I used to go there all the time as a kid with my family after getting Jenny's ice cream, so it appealed to my sense of nostalgia).  :) Anyway, one of my good friends suggested Amherst State Park instead.  It's right off of Mill Road, so it's still close by and it's definitely less popular so it should be easier to get in there for pictures instead of fighting the crowds.  I've never been, so I'm going to check it out when I'm in Buffalo in a few weeks.  

    Hope that helps!  My friend took her pictures there and they turned out gorgeous--they have woods and fields, so you can get a little of everything.

    Alison :)
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