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Has anyone had or been to a recpetion at Barton Hill in Lewiston? Any thoughts! Please to sahre! Thanks so much.


  • I called to make an appointment and they told me to email the coordinator so I did and haven't heard anything back... do you have an appointment?
  • I heard a pretty awful horror story - some hotel guests didn't like the noise from a reception (and, from what I understand, it wasn't particularly loud - normal music volume and it wasn't late, maybe 10 or so) and complained.  The music was turned down, but apparently that wasn't enough, so the hotel called the police.  Yes, they essentially called the police on THEMSELVES.  The cops told them to deal with it, and so they ended the reception.  Everyone was (obviously) upset because, you know, the couple had PAID for the reception!  I heard this story through friends, so I can't confirm anything, but I wouldn't risk it.  They recently declared bankruptcy, right?  I'd be worried that they'd close!
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