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too much time btwn ceremony + reception

what the heck do we do? ceremony is at St. Anne's in Rochester (which took forever to find a church that was available) at 1pm and the reception is at Casa Larga in Fairport 6pm-12am. so i know that the bridal party can go take pics, but what about the guests? i have only attended 2 weddings in the past and both had no lag time. i don't want people to choose one or the other to attend because of the gap in time...

Re: too much time btwn ceremony + reception

  • kae101kae101 member
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    My schedule is almost the same as yours (except our reception starts at 6:30).  My mom and I are considering providing a hospitality room somewhere (hotel, relative's) where people can just go and hang out in between.  I don't think many people will be stranded though, since our wedding is a friday.  I think I will also provide a list of nearby attractions & restaurants for OOT guests as well.  Alot of people I've talked to said they like to go out to eat in between since dinner is usually so late at a reception!  Also, some people like to wear a more casual outfit for the ceremony and then change and get dolled-up for the reception.  I think the important people in your life will attend both regardless of the time between.
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    I have a similar problem. I don't have as much lag time between, but it's at least an hour and a half to two hours. Thankfully, the ceremony/reception site are relatively close to each other and in Downtown Buffalo. So, we're giving everyone a list of attractions and things to do while they wait for the cocktail hour to start. That's the best I can do because neither of the venues are very flexible with their times.
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    We are in the same situation.  One suggestion may be to set up a hospitatlity room right at St. Anne.  They have a very nice commumity type of room and you would not have to go all out, maybe just coffee, tea and soda or water (depending on the age of your guests).  I also have to say that almost ALL of the weddings I have been to have had a "lag".  I don't find that uncommon at all.  The only weddings that I have seen that do not have a lag are the ones where the ceremony and the reception were at the same venue.  For the most part, church ceremonies tend to have a lag due to the time you can have a ceremony (especially at the catholic church) and what time you would like to have a dinner reception.  With that being said, if anyone of your guests chooses to go to one or the other based on the lag, and you can guess who that might be, chop them off your list.  :)  Sometimes things happen and they honestly can't make both for a number of reasons, but to choose because of a lag, I don't believe, is a very nice thing to do on the part of the guest.  You can always try to have a list of things to do for the OOT guests.  Most will simply go back to the hotel and relax and prep for the big night and many may opt to meet up at a restaurant for a couple of snacks, etc.  That is what we usually do.  Good luck!!!  And congratulations!!!
  • dianejodianejo member
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    Unfortunately a lot of people will tend to skip your ceremony becasue of the HUGE lapse of time in between. But.... providing a hospitality room will help to deter this.  There have been a lot of posts about "what makes a wedding guest unhappy" and this was always on the top of the list.I know that unless you were a relative or a VERY good friend, I would skip the cermeony and just attend the reception (sorry).
  • ZoolooZooloo member
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    I agree with the pp. Most guests will probably opt to only attend the reception, excepting family and very close friends. You could try a hostpiality area, but 4 hours is a long time to just drink coffee.
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  • lmb2258lmb2258 member
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    i have the same problem, ceremony at 2 and reception at 6:30. we planned a 'cocktail/snack" time right after the ceremony in the churches  rec hall. We hired a woman who has works for deerfield country club, but does this on the side. she is going to set up/take down tables and chairs bring small sandwiches, pizza, desserts, refreshments and coffee, wine and beer for guests to have. this worked best for us since we have a large family and many out of town guests, and they still have time to change between the ceremony and reception if they would like.
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