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dress price

So, I don't know if I'm just inexperienced but I was caught off gaurd by the price of my dress...  The price marked was just within range and I left room for alterations but I didn't realize that making a bustle, a veil, netting underneath could add up.  Is this normal?How much did most people spend beyond the dress?

Re: dress price

  • rosemmorserosemmorse
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    My dress was about 600-and the veil about 300. One suggestion is to look on Craiglist or borrow a slip from a friend who is already married. They told me they were 79.00 at the bridal shop -saving 79.00 would essentially pay for the price of your bustle! Saying that I did try on dresses that were alot more-my number 2 dress was 1,200. I just really really loved the dress I got and the price was right (Bridal Chateu)
  • ZoolooZooloo
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    It's hard to say what's 'normal' when you haven't included what you were charged. My Maggie Sottero gown was $800 (10% discount for buying at trunk show). I'm having my veil custom made from England, so Lord only knows what it will cost. I anticipate spending a couple hundred on it.
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    Mary - It depends on how expensive you want to get with the acessories. Since my dress is going to cost a little more than planned, I have begun researching used veils on preownedweddingdresses.com, craigslist and weddingbee.com. This is also a good place for dresses if you can find your dress and do not mind having the dress worn once before. :) Other sites for new veils is obridal.com and dorianneveils.com. My goal is to find a veil for less than $100.Also, a tip for alterations, instead of having the bridal salon do them - ask your friends & family for local seamstress rec's. Maybe girls on this board will be able to help as well! I've found that bridal shops at least in my area can charge $300 on alterations or more when a local seamstress would do it for half the price! As for other accessories, I do not plan on spending more than a couple hundred (if that) for shoes, a purse and a bra. HTH!
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    It depends on what you want.  I was perfectly happy with the dress I wore which cost $275.  It fit perfectly when I tried it on, so no alterations were needed.  I found a local seamstress to put a bustle in (french bustle with 5 hooks) for $15.  Someone gave their veil which happened to match perfectly, for free.  This allowed me to spend a little more on other things.  I got many compliments on my dress too.  I don't know how to put a picture in the post, but i can email you a pic if you're interested.
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