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Glam On Location

Anyone have any good experience with Heather? I've been emailing her now that we're getting close to the wedding, but it seems like I'm never getting responses from her, or it takes days for her to get back to me. All my other vendors get back to me same day. Should I be looking for backup?
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Re: Glam On Location

  • No experience with her directly, but some of the reviews I've read said she has been a no show on more than one occasion and always has an excuse like a death in the family, a car accident, someone in the hospital, etc.

    Based on the reviews, I'm avoiding her.  Seems like too much bad luck for one person to actually have...
  • I have to agree. I didn't hire her. I had my hair and makeup done in salon I normaly use. But I've read too many posts here where she was a no show, always a good excuse. A business owner that really cares about her reputation would have a plan in case of emergency.
  • I have worked with Glam on Location many times and they are a top notch company.  You have nothing to worry about.  They are awesome, and will do a wonderful job for you.  ;)
  • It usually took me a couple of days to hear back from her. She didn't end up doing my hair and makeup as I had posted previously on this board as she was in a car accident the day of my wedding. I know that she is pretty busy and books up quickly. I ended up having my hair and makeup done by Euphoria Salon in the Galleria Mall and was very happy w/ them.
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    Heather is completely unreliable. After an unsuccessful hair trial and a no show visit for a second trial I changed my mind. She gave me an excuse similar to ones mentioned above which I have no way of validating. She agreed to a partial refund and 2 months later I am still trying to get my money back from her. Find someone else ASAP! 
  • @corey I am glad you were able to find someone else - I got one email after the fact but never heard anything else. I am so thankful I was able to get in somewhere else or her not showing would have made for a disasterous day - it was bad enough I ended up spending most of the morning of my wedding in tears trying to find a back-up plan. I got an email and text after the fact but no legit confirmation of what happened. I am sad to hear that I am not the only one that has had issues w/ her but I am thankful to know I am not alone in having had a bad experience - @stephy I would definitely recommend having a back-up plan to be safe.
  • My mom wanted to go with them, but they were booked. Sounds like that was a good thing! I ended up going with Jenny with Salanagogo. She'll come to you, or you can go to her for trial pricing, and she was very responsive and professonal. I loved my hair and makeup!
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  • cgielo - I'm so sorry you had to go through that but glad it worked out anyway. I think Heather is just a complete scam artist
  • Everyone make sure you review her!!!!! She needs to understand that she cannot run a business in this way!
  • In Response to Re: Glam On Location:
    [QUOTE]I have worked with Glam on Location many times and they are a top notch company.  You have nothing to worry about.  They are awesome, and will do a wonderful job for you.  ;)
    Posted by ayresphoto[/QUOTE]

    It shocks me another vendor would say something, and get involved, so they must be okay.  Because why would they be willing to risk their own name if this person is not reliable. 
  • As I posted today in my vendor reviews, I had a great experience working with Heather.  She was reliable and showed up on time for both my trial and my wedding day, she listened to what I wanted, and every one of my bridesmaids was happy with their hair and makeup. I was too!  I am sorry that some people had negative experiences,  but I can only speak to mine, which was very positive. I also agree that someone who works in the industry and sees many different vendors on a regular basis is in a good position to make a recommendation.  

    Alison :)
  • Unfortunately my trial run came and went and Heather was a no show...I emailed her and got an immediate response stating she had an emergency with her daughter and forgot. I understand things happen but who wants to take that chance on your wedding day...I asked for a refund and with a month to go before my wedding will be looking for someone to do my makeup.
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    DO NOT use Glam on Location! I booked Heather in June 2011, which was over a year away from my August 18th, 2012 wedding...and 6 days before my wedding I received an email saying that she was no longer able to travel to my wedding in Geneva, NY that coming Saturday. 6 DAYS BEFORE?!!! What she did was beyond unprofessional... she didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me! She blamed the situation on experiencing pain, which was going to result in having surgery. I understand things happen, but there are holes in her story. We had a larger wedding party so when I made the arrangements with Heather she had agreed to send herself plus 3 other girls to Geneva. Even if she was sick... why couldn't the 3 other girls still come to Geneva and do our hair and makeup?! I asked Heather this question and received no response, which was actually fine with me because at that point I wanted nothing more to do with her and did NOT want to rely on her for anything. Also, she is doing the hair and makeup for a friend of the family for their upcoming wedding and of course she showed up for her hair trial soon after our wedding date and did not appear to be in ANY pain at all.... which leads us to believe that her story was definitely a lie! She is a complete scam artist and do not put your trust in her for your wedding day! Back in Feb/March Heather held a contest on her facebook page to see who could get the most friends to like her page and in exchange, we would win a glam bag! I won her contest, but I am still waiitng to receive that bag... that should have been my red flag right there to get out! When I found out Heather was going to be a no-show for our wedding I demanded a refund... I am STILL waiting for that refund even thought she send she would mail it out that week.

    I was left scrambling to find someone for our wedding and I am not from Geneva so I was not familiar with the area at all! Luckily, I contacted Jenny Wilson at Salon a Go Go also located in the Buffalo area and she was AMAZING! She worked so hard ot find stylists for us that were willing to come to Geneva on such short notice and she succeeded! I can't thank her enough for everything that she did and I would recommend Salon a Go Go hands down if you are looking for an on location hair and makeup team!

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