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What is a good nail place is Williamsville?  My maid of honor and I are going to get her nails done and she lives in Lockport and I live in Lancaster and I was looking for a place in the middle of us!! THanks!

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    Head of The Class and Capellos are the first that come to mind.
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  • I am thinking about doing the nail polish that is guaranteed to last for two weeks for my wedding--I think it's called shelac (I probably spelled that wrong).  Does anyone know salons in the area that will do that?

    As far as Williamsville, I know that Excuria is a nice place. I haven't had my nails done there, but I had my hair and makeup done there twice for friends' weddings and my mom goes there regularly to get her hair done too.

    Alison :)
  • Bella Nail on Sheridan in Williamsville
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