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Hotels downtown!

Anyone have good/bad experiences with hotels downtown?? I want to call to put aside some rooms for my wedding party and other guests that may want to stay.  I don't want people have to pay a ton, but I don't want people to stay at a junky place.  Any rec?? Thanks!!

Re: Hotels downtown!

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    Downtown Buffalo?

    Downtown Rochester?
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    Sorry! It's for downtown Buffalo!! :)

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    That's what I figured :)  Can't help you too much then!  Sorry!
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    I've stayed at the Hyatt two different times and have had positive experiences both times.

    We stayed in basic rooms and they were always clean, not too much noise (unless the Sabres are playing a Canadian hockey team) and the staff at the front desk were nice.

     The second time I stayed, we paid a little bit extra for two vouchers for the Breakfast buffet the following morning and two complimentary drinks at the bar to use. The food was delicious and had a good variety. We didn't make it to the bar though.

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    I've stayed at Comfort Suites. It was good, but I don't know if they offer breakfast or anything.  We got up the next morning and left.

    I'd stay away from Adam's Mark.  I know of 2 brides that used them and they were both sent home because there were no rooms left (even though they booked them).  I stayed there once and had to sit around in the lobby for half an hour waiting for them to let us check in because the rooms were not ready, and we were there after the check-in time.  We were not the only ones waiting, there were probably 20 or so people waiting to check in, all going to the same wedding.  They never offered to hold our bags at the desk either, so if we had decided to go to the bar or anywhere to wait we would have had to bring everything with us.

    I've also heard the Hyatt was good, but haven't stayed there.
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    I set up my blocks at Hampton Inn Downtown and Comfort Suites Downtown.  My wedding isn't until September so I don't know how it's all gonna work out but we made an appointment w the Hampton Inn director of sales, Wendy, and she was super helpful and professional.  She toured the whole hotel with us, showed us three different room types, and the parking lot is secured which is nice.  They have an indoor pool, complimentary breakfast, and there are two restaurants (Chocolate Bar and Papaya) connected to the hotel.

    I did not tour Comfort Suites, but they were still pretty helpful.  I blocked off approx 10 rooms at each place (usually the minimum you can block to get the discount) but you aren't obligated to any amount being booked since they release approx a month prior.

    I wanted to have a relatively inexpensive option, then a slightly more upscale option that my fiance and I and close family will be staying in for the wedding night, etc.  Plus most of the hotels in that area (Main street/Delaware, etc) are super close to the above-ground free section of the subway so we don't have to rent transportation to our wedding at Pearl Street.
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    I'd recommend the Hyatt.  I've stayed there a few times, including our wedding night.  All the rooms we stayed in were nice (especially the time we only had to pay $100 to get upgraded to the VIP suite!)  They have a social agreement option instead of reserving a block of rooms which is good if you have no idea how many people will want rooms, though could be bad if there is a big event the same day as your wedding.  I'm glad we did the social contract as less people than I expected got rooms.
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    I just got married July 16, 2011 and booked blocks at the Hyatt and the Hampton Inn.  My experience with each could not have been more different. 

    The Hyatt :
    i didn't even get charged the correct rate for my own wedding block for the night of my wedding, ...I got charged $10 more.

    they tried to charge $1 to hand out my welcome bags. (hampton $0)

    I had to guarantee a certain number of rooms or pay for the unused ones myself (something called attrition).  They were very difficult to deal with when trying to book additional rooms for all the guests that were coming in from out of town (apparently i underestimated the numbers)

    they didn't give some our guests the wedding block rate for the friday night prior ot our wedding. 

    had a lot of trouble getting them to follow through with a free shuttle that we agreed to in our contract. 

    I was on the phone, emailing or worrying about the stinking Hyatt more than any other part of my wedding.

    hampton inn was amazing. not one problem.
    hyatt-total thorn in my side.  STILL dealing with incorrect billing issues with them.

    do yourself a favor, DO NOT use them.
    On top of everything else, the rooms are gross.   i booked my wedding night there because of the hyatt name, because it was supposedly recently renovated, and due to the fact that it was close to my wedding reception.  It was not how I envisioned my wedding night wedding room, at all.  Hands down the Hyatt is my biggest regret of my entire wedding!!  They are totally clueless!

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