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Alteration Issues

After a lot of thought, I opted to have my alterations done at the shop I bought my dress from, which is Victoria's Bridal in Williamsville.
I was debating using their alterations because they were so expensive (twice as much as quotes from other dress shops), but after weighing all my options, I decided because of the detail on my dress to stay with Victoria's because they know the designers they carry.
I went back last night for my third fitting and the bust on my dress is still too big! There are gaps between the dress and my bust, even after they took it in once, then added an additional set of cups to help fill out the dress, and she took in the sides.
After all this the seamstress pinned it a fourth time and I told her it was still loose and I wanted it tighter because I could see gaps, and she told me it looks good but if I am insecure I should buy double-sided tape!

At this point my wedding is two weeks away and I don't know if they are going to completely mess up the dress if they keep touching it, or if another seamstress would even be willing to touch my dress in fear of messing it up after this place has taken it in 3 times....

Re: Alteration Issues

  • I am so sorry this is happening to you! The last thing you should be worried about on your wedding day is feeling uncomfortable with the way your dress fits.  I think they should be taking your concerns seriously and not asking you buy double-sided tape when you've already spent a lot of money!

    I live out of town so I'm not getting my alterations done in Buffalo, but I know that my best friend swears by Alterations by Lena, which is right on Main Street also in Williamsville.  I don't know if they do wedding dresses, but I would assume so--I know they do formalwear.  I understand not wanting to take it elsewhere at this point, but I also wouldn't take their line that this is all they can do.  Talk about customer service... :(

    Good luck!!

  • What type of dress is it?  Are you able to post a picture to see what it looks like? I know that some of the more complex cuts like deep cut fronts, backs, or gowns with keyholes lose some structural integrity in sacrifice of style.  With something like that, body tape is actually a very viable option.  Look at Dancing with the Stars.  If you look closely, there is always a sheer mesh panel or clear strap holding things together because dresses just can't be cut like that.  If it's strapless, make sure to not take it in too tight, because no matter what size you are, a little bit of skin can start to hang over and be ubcomfortable.  You can always ask the seamstress to do a little gathering stitch if you don't need more than an inch.  You use the gather stitch on the the liner of the gown at the top of the neckline using 1/2" on each, the stitch starts around the side seam and ends a little before the bust seam. This takes up some slack without doing anything evasive to the dress.  Hope this information helps.
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  • Thank you both for your advice! After a very stressful few days, I called the store back as soon as they opened on Friday and was told the owner/manager would not be in until Monday but they would leave a note for her to call me then....so my sister and I went there Friday with pictures of the original dress:

    I tried on my dress again Friday and this time we took photos of it. After talking with the girls that were there (neither were seamstresses), they understood my frustration and called the owner to see if I could come back for an emergency fitting with the other seamstress. I went back again on Sat, the seamstress actually explained why the dress needed to be altered they way it was and repinned the dress and is attempting to smooth the lines on the sides. I go back today to try it on again.

    Fingers crossed it fits this time!
  • Your dress is beautiful!  Good luck--hope your fitting goes well today! :)

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